Point of Sale Inspections

A point of sale inspections are required for home sales with septic systems and/or on-site water supply in Kalkaska county. Our inspectors are intimately familiar with the multi-step process of these specialized inspections and can help get them completed efficiently.

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Professional Point of Sale Inspections In Traverse City, MI

Septic Inspections | Point of Sale Inspections

If the inspector finds any problems with your system, this could affect how much you get for either buying or selling the property.

For instance, if the inspector finds out that your septic system is failing and needs to be replaced, you could lose thousands.

A point of sale inspection can reveal a lot of different things about your systems including how often it is used, what shape it is in and whether there any problems such as leaks, cracks, or failures.

One of the main benefits of getting a point of sale inspection is that it can help you make repairs before any serious problems arise. For example, if the inspector finds damages within your plumbing system you can get them fixed before they become worse.
This could be especially beneficial if you are thinking about selling your home because the problems found by the inspector can be fixed before you put it on the market. And, if you do get a buyer who is interested in your home, then they will know that everything has been taken care of.

If you are interested in a point of sale inspection, you can use our contact page to email us or schedule an inspection online.